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Video Premiere: “Snooze You Lose” by Hot Garbage

11 October 2023

Today, Toronto rockers Hot Garbage announce details on their upcoming sophomore album, Precious Dream, which is set to drop on January 19, 2024 via Mothland (NA) and EXAG’ Records (EU/UK).

Though the band’s signature tinge of moody, heavy psychedelia remains present on Precious Dream, their forthcoming sophomore album careens at high speeds into a darker world of searing post-punk riffs, grappling with themes of dread, loss, the resilience of the human spirit and the highs and lows of solitude. From the onset, elegant yet brutalist sonic architectures provide the scenery for an escape route, while Alex and Juliana Carlevaris as well as Dylan Gamble’s cryptic poetic spurts act as surreal signage. By the end of the journey, we are left with a strangely pleasant void, but also with an uncontrollable urge to backtrack into the outfit’s beautiful 36-minute musical trap.

True to form, prolific producer Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck, No Joy, !!!, etc.) – with whom, Hot Garbage recorded their critically-acclaimed debut full-length, RIDE – does right by the band, masterfully harnessing the four-piece’s unique brand of rock & roll, setting in motion a parallel universe where phones are not what they seem, lobotomy has its merits, lower is actually better, and tunnels stretch the very fabric of spacetime. Fans of Sonic Youth, Frankie and the Witch Fingers or Joy Division should welcome a confused stroll down this romantic if dystopian opus, for a cathartic and tender sense of resolution awaits.
In celebration of their record’s announcement, Hot Garbage have additionally shared its first single, the opening track “Snooze You Lose,” alongside an accompanying music video.

“Snooze You Lose” packs an explosive punch, flying through two minutes of maniacal laughter, savvy punk riffage and a heavy dose of Graham Walsh’s signature off-the-wall production. Utilizing tritones and other “evil” compositional methods prescribed by past evangelicals, the grungy and sardonic single achieves more than simply melting your face, it literally sets your eardrums into a frenzy, the work of bombastic rhythms, utterly-distorted bass, guitar and organ, as well as reverb-drenched vocals gliding atop an ominous sea of decibels and feedbacks.

To accompany their LP announcement this week, The Big Takeover spoke with Hot Garbage about their newest single.

Please tell us about your first track for “Snooze You Lose.” What is the inspiration behind the song, and where and when was it written?

It’s about how time passes when you stand still. Sometimes all you can do is laugh. This song was written at home during one of many lockdowns in 2020-2021.

What was your experience like working with Graham Walsh, What did he bring to the collaboration and the LP?

This is our second album with Graham, we used the developed chemistry to delve a little deeper into creating a more cohesive sound. Graham is always open and receptive to our vision and is always down for off-the-wall experimentation. Like the last record, it’s mostly recorded live off the floor.

The video is very dark, eerie, and mysterious. Who directed it and how did the video come about? How was your experience filming it?

The video was directed by guitarist / vocalist Alex Carlevaris. See word from the director below.

“Here, Hot Garbage can be seen playing completely real instruments in their day-to-day attire. Seen in the video is: a live performance, a swing set, and a candid perspective of the daily grind.

The video, with a budget of under $50 (mostly spent on fake blood), was shot on a cheap plastic toy camera and uses homemade props and movements from the camera and lights, resulting in a frantic, lo-fi presentation that is playful yet intense.”

Stay tuned for the full-length Hot Garbage LP, Precious Dream, out January 19 via Mothland and EXAG’ Records.