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Video Premiere: “Willows” by Black Polish

15 December 2023

Jayden Nicole Binnix (they/them), professionally known as Black Polish, embarked on their musical journey at the age of 13. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of artists including Fleetwood Mac, Mitski, Lord Huron, Lorde, and Twenty One Pilots, the alt/indie artist, now 18 years old, they recently announced their forthcoming debut album, Forest (Monsters Live In The Trees), arrives January 26 via Riptide Music.

Following the release of the record’s last few singles — “Purple Skies,” “Graves,” “Void,” and most recently “Streetsigns” — now, Black Polish returns with another new cut entitled “Willows.” The track is a dreamy, melodic ballad drenched in emotional vulnerability with an added sense of clarity atop plucked strings, glimmering chords, and a head-bobbing hand-clapped time signature.

“‘Willows’ was made as a false happy ending,” Binnix explains. “It speaks of when you hope that this current person you’re obsessed with can finally pull you out of the darkness and everything that is wrong with you disappears.”

Identifying as a member of both the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities, Black Polish brings a unique perspective to their interpretation of the world, and this can be seen on their forthcoming record. Their presence in these spheres is marked by a powerful assertion of identity, and they ardently champion mental health awareness while maintaining a heightened sensitivity towards other marginalized groups. This rich tapestry of life experiences continues to inform Black Polish’s art and music. With over 10 Million streams across platforms and a number of live accolades (including gigs alongside The Midnight and Hemlocke Springs; performances at Echo Park Rising, MakeOutMusic, and We Found New Music, and more), Black Polish is on the rise.

As they wrote on their forthcoming LP and its creative origins:

“This album was created while I was living in Maryland and beginning high school. My family home was secluded and tucked away within the suffocating trees. It was my first major project I had ever worked on and I was only 15. Within this time, the unexpected Pandemic hit. Days blended together, as deep isolation set in. I felt as if I saw the world in 3rd person. Seclusion in my room became my existence.

Though quarantine laws were lifted after a year, breaking from the shackles of depression and dissociation would simply not be possible. With every bad day, therapy session, or panic attack, I always ended my week with writing a song. Collabing with incredible writers such as Maia Kelly, Gabe Reali, and Taylor Jamison along with talented producer Ryan Raines and Alex Tirheimer, has made the process that more special. There’s hundreds of melodies I have scrapped. These are simply the ones I have kept.

Forest is not a place, it’s a state of mind. A state of mind where I am constantly looping back with no knowledge of escape. One thing about the woods is if you don’t remember how you got in, the chances of getting out are slim.”

Stay tuned for the upcoming full-length LP from Black Polish, Forest (Monsters Live In The Trees), coming next year via Riptide Music.