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2 Far Out - Sucker For Heartaches (self-released)

24 April 2024

Sometimes, you are in the mood for refined and relaxing music. Other times, it is something deep and meaningful that fits the bill. There are times when you want something ornate and exploratory. And then there are those times when you want to listen to a kick-arse rock and roll band. And it is in those moments that you turn to bands like 2 Far Out.

However, labelling them merely a “kick-arse, rock and roll band” means underselling just what they do. Sure, it is rock and roll, in the general sense of the meaning, more than anything else, but the other sonic elements they draw around their music make it much more than the sum of its parts and much more than my original description suggests.

“1000 Pills” might run riot with a rock and roll attitude, but it does so with a pop-punk groove pulsing from the engine room. Similarly, “Addicted” leans more towards contemporary alternative rock realms than the more established classic rock sound and “Too Far Out” even wanders more into urban vibes with its ticking beats and rap-infused vocal deliveries.

And throughout it all, the lyrics speak of the lives and loves and losses and longings of young men everywhere, plus all the rest of the everyday stuff, the concerns and worries of day-to-day life, making Sucker For Heartaches not just a fistful of sonic fun but totally relatable too.