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Andy Michaels - Incendiary Heart (Self-Released)

14 August 2019

A singer-songwriter from Perth in Australia, Andy Michaels is back with his new album, Incendiary Heart, a follow up to his previous release Revisited, and it marks a huge step forward in his growth as both a musician and a lyricist. With similarly dramatic album artwork, it’s quite a fitting title as all of the songs are both confessional and personal, and his own heart is proudly on display throughout the entire album. Michaels’ voice is soulful and impassioned like Cat Stevens, but his sound is much more expansive and theatrical with evident touches of both Pink Floyd and David Bowie.

Whether it’s the brooding plea of “Only Love Knows the Meaning of Goodbye” or the wistful country of “Rambling Man,” Michaels deftly combines the trademarks of traditional folk and modern pop until the definition between the two is thoroughly obscured. A song like “Darling It Hurts” is a little too close to Jason Mraz for comfort, but Michael’s voice is never less than impassioned and genuine, clearly putting his own indelible mark on every song. Incendiary Heart is a beautifully-produced work of love, and it’s an album that will cut straight to the listener’s heart as Andy Michaels is celarly singing from his own.