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Apache Rose - Attention! (Self-Released)

9 March 2021

With an album cover that could have easily been shot in the 90s, Apache Rose proudly sport clear influences of alt-rock acts like the Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, and Queens of the Stone Age. The Moscow group just released their debut album, fittingly titled Attention! because their riff heavy wall of sound immediately begs the listener to sit up and take note. The album plows along full steam ahead for the entire duration of the record, and although the thick production is clearly tailor-made for arenas, their sound is hard enough to likely warrant underground credibility as well.

It wouldn’t be fair to call them grunge or even post-grunge, because there are a number of other styles present as well, including subtle funk and soul touches on “Blind Spot” and the hazy “Hit Me.” For the most part, however, it is pure hard rock swagger, and the true standout here is the heavy, fantastically-produced layers of guitar on songs like “Backdoor Man” and the head-banging “On My Watch.” It would be difficult to argue that any of the songs are spectacularly deep, but the band makes no pretense about that. Instead, it is supposed to be good music for good music’s sake, and pretty much anyone who is a fan of the Foo Fighters or QOTSA will find Attention! extremely listenable.