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Beauty In Chaos Ft. Wayne Hussey -The Long Goodbye {Au Revoir} (33.3 Music Collective)

28 September 2019

It has become apparent, the Beauty In Chaos released Beauty Re-Envisioned is the gift that keeps on giving. Human Drama and Gene Loves Jezebel guitarist Michael Ciravolo forged the concept last year, under a collective name last year, releasing a star-studded album Finding Beauty In Chaos. This year the album was lovingly remixed and reimagined becoming the extension Beauty Re-Envisioned

It is not the normal paint-by-numbers affair, an album with simply a list of guests, it goes far beyond that premise. At its core Beauty In Chaos is a story of friendship and mutual respect between artists, creating music together without the infestation of egos. Michael Ciravolo may be the curator of this project, although it is easier to say that he has invited a group of friends to a party, and Beauty In Chaos is the venue all under the conducting eyes of Ministry Maestro , producer Michael Rozon.

Already from Beauty Re-Envisioned audiences have been treated to videos and releases such as the gothic drenched “Storm” featuring Ashton Nyte. “Un-Natural Disaster” featuring (draw breath), Ice T, dUg Pinnick of King’s X, Zakk Wylde and The Offspring’s Pete Parada. More recently, and late last month audiences received the release of “20th Century Boy” with guest Rolan Bolan (Son of Marc), and Wayne Hussey of The Mission. That Mister Hussey makes a return on what is an exceptional piece of work. 

The latest video “The Long Goodbye {Au Revoir}” sees Wayne tinkle the ivories in what is a work of haunting brilliance. There is no denying that Wayne Hussey is an expensive red wine, improving with age gracefully. His recent activity with his Salad Daze tour alongside Ashton Nyte and goth princess Evi Vine (another part of BIC) has him firing on all creative cylinders. “The Long Goodbye {Au Revoir}” is emotionally charged and atmospheric, reflected perfectly in the beautiful video presentation by Industrialism Film. The strings, arranged by Michael Rozon, galvanize the theme as every syllable from Wayne’s mouth reeks with heartbreak. With the added passion of two solos by Michael that project raw emotion, gut-wrenching tones that summon the mood powerfully through the pickups of his guitar. Something that at times is lost in the modern work of guitarists, a fact of quality over flash quantity, quite reminiscent of the work of the late Gary Moore, another gun slinger with that rare ability to tap feeling through strings. 

“The Long Goodbye {Au Revoir}” is another dimension to Beauty In Chaos, that beauty which is an integral part of the project. Hopefully this song is not a message of departure for this collective outfit, that the friends will continue with further works such as this. 

The Long Goodbye {Au Revoir}

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