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Beauty in Chaos - The Storm Before The Calm (33.3 Music Collective)

23 May 2020

The goth-drenched brilliance of Beauty In Chaos returns. A collective project which at its core is the work of guitarist Michael Ciravolo (Human Drama) and producer Michael Rozon (Ministry), who present their third piece of work The Storm Before The Calm. I have watched this band evolve, and gain momentum, and this album is their best work. Their first Finding Beauty In Chaos and it’s follow-up involved a lot of outside artists brought in to add touches to tracks. 

While this produced exceptional music, the added names of Ice T, Zakk Wylde and Michael Anthony, overshadowed what was already happening. Which is the fact that both Ciravolo and Rozon have enough talent and skill to produce great work without any other factors involved, that is the truth to Beauty In Chaos. And here there are only vocalists brought in to sing. The only thing neither of the two can do. That is why this album is so good, it strips back on the hyped artist guest list, and instead, let’s the music do the talking. 

The seven tracks on offer are energetic, dark, but letting light through in transcendent waves of emotionally fired music. Kicking off with “The Outside”, featuring The Awakening’s Ashton Nyte. An atmospheric slow burner that lifts as Nyte’s vocals guide the theme. It has a tinge of the eighties to it, lending to the charm. As openers go, this is the perfect scene-setter of what is to come. “Almost Pure” is a perfect example of what I originally stated. Michael produces riffs while Michael R builds the intense backdrop. The vocals of Steven Seibold do not over power the musical landscape, instead he manages to blend in perfectly. 

The passionate and reflective “Temple of Desire” has again an anchored, eighties texture. But the guitar work soars, it is more refined and pronounced than on the previous albums. The excellent vocals of Rafe Pearlman work spectacularly, in a mix of Kiss meets The Sisters Of Mercy. Though “A Kind Of Cruelty” is a standout, as everything clicks clearly. It is doom let loose with a firing drum track, an addictive dominating bass run, and Michael’s addictive riffage. Those unfamiliar with Curse Mackey will hop on streaming services to search more from this vocalist. I do think a full album of BIC and Curse would be a salivating prospect. 

Mister Wayne Hussey (The Mission) returns to lend vocal depth to “The Delicate Balance of All Things”. Starting with the chime of guitar harmonics, before the track fully ignites. A sound more inline with seventies Sabbath than goth but it is a thriller from start to finish. Wayne is fitting into a familiar machine, giving his best Leonard Cohenesque vocals to what is an amazing piece of work. “Stranger” displays perfectly the talent of Michael Rozon’s production. The serene vocals of Kat Leon invest a dramatic beauty overall, against an incendiary wall of sound. All the pieces work, creating something special again. 

There is no straying from the scope of excellence on offer throughout The Storm Before The Calm. It is an album which deserves investigation, and more so repeated listening. I feel from the first play the listener immediately becomes involved with the sound, though every play opens up a different dynamic which may not be noticed on one play through. This is a new chapter in the life of Beauty In Chaos, and it is to date the most absorbing outing. 

1. The Outside ft. Ashton Nyte 
2. Almost Pure ft. Steven Seibold (Hate Dept./ Pigface) 
3. Temple of Desire ft. Rafe Pearlman 
4. A Kind Cruelty ft. Curse Mackey 
5. The Delicate Balance of All Things ft. Wayne Hussey 
6. Stranger ft. Kat Leon (Holy Wars)
7. The Storm Before The Calm ft. Adrienne Lavey 
CD and Digital Version include the 25+ minute opus “The Storm Before The Calm” which does not appear on the Vinyl Version

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