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Black Nite Crash - The Take (Neon Sigh)

2 September 2022

Think of rock and roll, and you probably think of a fast, furious, high-octane sound built on energy and attitude. I think the genre is at its finest when it is at the other extreme. Not the pompous and preening power ballad stuff, but when it takes its foot off the gas, cruises slowly and seductively, when it swaps sweat for swagger.

And that is precisely what is happening on “The Take,” the lead single from the forthcoming album Washed In The Sound With Black Nite Crash. They seem to take their lead from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Brian Jonestown Massacre but have been around long enough to cite earlier influences as well, such as Jesus and Mary Chain and early Primal Scream.

But there is more original here than nostalgic. The boy/girl vocal play-off is wonderous in the extreme, and the graceful Doorsian groove is delivered better than most attempts to capture that louche, psychedelic majesty. And throughout, they remind us that alt-rock is not just a term of distinction to stop old-school classic rockers in their patched denim jackets and poodle haircuts from turning up at the wrong shows. It should actually indicate that the music itself feels like it is from a different sonic world. This feels like it is from just such a place.

It grinds when others would merely gun the pedal. It sashays seductively when lesser players would opt for speed. It meanders rather than motors. It is the proverbial less, which is so much more!

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