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Circuit3 - Technology For The Youth (Analogue Trash)

1 August 2022

Circuit3’s music has always aligned itself with a certain vibe, namely that of the early days of the Space Race, of those first flights of exploration beyond our atmosphere and beyond earth itself. And if that suggests a whiff of nostalgia, it is one tinged with big ambition and big dreams, the ultimate adventures and unimaginable exploration.

And if the concept behind the music is made of this, the right stuff, then the music is too. Sonically speaking, Technology For The Youth, a title taken from a Soviet-era science and technology magazine, thinks big, and it too seems to borrow from electronic music’s rich past to help create the future.

The result is an album that is as full of 60’s technological references, 80’s musical soundscapes as it is modern outlooks, and forward-thinking pop-dance poise. It is also an album that was created against an ironic backdrop. A move to the right in politics seemed to prompt sudden disbelief and distrust in the science that had dominated creator Peter Fitzpatrick’s boyhood dreams, just at the point that the first manned mission to the Moon was reaching its 50th anniversary.

So the resulting album is, in many ways, a torch-bearer for dreams and ambition when thinking of what lies beyond this planet that we call home and the album is based on the stories of the Space Race that may have been lost to cold war propaganda or modern cynicism.

And it is an album of amazing music, electronic soundscapes that wander from high octane dance floor creations to more considered and concise electro-narratives, digital ballads to music that thinks every bit as big as the stories it is keeping alive.

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