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Eric George - Where I Start (Self-Released)

3 August 2019

A one of a kind folk artist from Burlington, Vermont, Eric George is back with his latest album, Where I Start. Whereas his release from last year, Song of Love, was a much more punk-inspired diversion, George seems to have returned to his folk roots, but he has carried along with him some of this newfound edge and bite along the way. With almost every instrument played by George himself, the album is largely a homegrown affair, but it sounds like the work of a full band, resulting in what is his warmest and most lushly-produced record yet.

Where I Start is a mixture of old and new. George takes songs hidden away in notebooks of his past and reinterprets them, combining the influences of his youth like The Doors and The Misfits with the new folkier sound he has today. Whether it’s the traditional bluegrass sound of “What Holds The Bone” or the slow grooving roots rock of “Found Out,” there’s a tremendous amount of identity behind everything that holds it together and makes it the unmistakable work of only one artist. George has done an amazing job breathing new life into these songs, especially the beautiful, dreamy “Heart Of The Matter.” Where I Start is set to be released August 23rd.