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Francie Conway - Staycation (Sunfish Music)

11 July 2021

The Irish singer-songwriter Francie Conway remains steadfast on his divine journey. Following on from last year’s collective and joyous Hidden Gems album, the artist pulls out a new track “Staycation”, and it is one which summarises our current state in this current climate. However, not one to get weighted down in negativity, Francie forges the beauty from around us, and directs us to breathe it in and enjoy. A very simple message of being thankful of what we have, and that is the world around us – “Sometimes you just got to slow down, to see what you will find.” 

This is far removed from the ramblings of some old hippy. Instead, it is the light in the darkness that we all crave, and the vibe of the track shimmers. Both Francie’s vocals and the twelve string he plays are just inspired. He is ageless, and it is worth noting, former Zombie, the legend Chris White is on hand with some sweet backing vocals along with wife-artist Vivienne Boucherat. But it is the folk-reggae beat that catches you immediately and drags you into it’s addictive framework. That organ work of Dom Torche in some respects is a fresh slice of nostalgia  welded into a very modern production. Both the depth and density of the track makes it bounce with energy, and it will break through the dark clouds of any downward spiral. Though 2021 has proven another year of staying put, this track points to the adventures that can be found away from high-speed broadband, and this is the reminder we need.

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