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Highbeams - Keep Meaning It (Blanket Fort)

17 October 2018

Georgia folk rock trio Highbeams are backing with an energetic new album Keep Meaning It which was released October 1st on Blanket Fort. Their third record finds the group as fresh as ever, and even reinvigorated as they expand their sound with bolder production and more stylistic detours. In a way, Keep Meaning It is a concept album, but it’s less narrative based and focused more instead on a simple idea—continuing to pursue whatever it is that you believe in, whether it be a relationship or a career. Thus, the songs are all broadly positive and uplifting in spirit, but the lyrics, thankfully, stop short of ever sounding trite or idealized.

Keep Meaning It is a completely self-made record from the band, and there’s a real communal spirit present everywhere. From the infectiously romantic “I Do!” to the rousing, country-tinged “I Know a Place,” a great sense of optimism pervades the atmosphere. Even a song like “You Can Leave Me,” which on paper should be depressing, actually looks at a breakup as a means for growth and self-discovery. There’s a lot of excitement circling Keep Meaning It (clearly the band felt it too while they were making it), and with any luck this album will prove to be their breakthrough.


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