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The Big Takeover Issue #91
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Ivo Perelman/Joe Morris - Elliptic Time (Mahakala Music)

14 December 2022

If there’s a jazz saxophonist more prolific than Ivo Perelman, it’s unclear who that might be. Elliptic Time is the fourth 2022 release we’ve covered by the Brazilian-born/NYC-based maverick, and there’s no doubt more we don’t know about. Joined by guitarist Joe Morris, Perelman takes another deep, fearless dive into a pool of spontaneous composition. As indicated by the title, the duo’s improvisations shape the music into ellipses, with each musician passing the major and minor axes between them. On the title tune, Morris’ spiraling guitar lines may sound random, but in fact set up the focus of the song, allowing Perelman’s squealing chaos to find purchase and stability. “Invisible Mass” stays that course, but variations rise up in “Gravitational Pull,” which introduces a more reserved sensibility – the album’s ballad? (Yeah, right.) By “Palpable Energy,” the set feels less like Morris setting ‘em up so Perelman can knock ‘em down, and more like two equals starting and ending each other’s sentences. By closing track “Cosmic Rays Music,” Perelman and Morris present a united front, bringing the music back around to its instantaneous conception, the distance from brain to breath and fingers equal to that of expression to ears. Elliptic Time = the time of greatest creative voice.