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Knights of Swing - The Soundtrack

25 March 2022

It’s worth remembering, especially in today’s world where solo pop artists seem to eclipse most other music forms, that music comes in many forms. It is the amateur choir who meet up for fun, it is the jingle on the TV advertisement, it is the stadium rock band and the pub folk players. And it is, of course, the soundtrack to the movie that you are watching.

And talking of soundtracks, it is in this realm that we find Knights of Swing. As a film about a high-school big band in forties America, it has a glorious soundtrack filled with swinging orchestral pieces, the sound of that defining era when artists such as Glenn Miller paved the way for early Rock and Roll. It also revels in gorgeous solo crooner style performances, jazz-tinged deftness and the grooves and beats of the music which was just about to rock, quite literally into view.

And as a film, it is a fantastic story too, the Glee of its day in a way, only set in 1947, the story of a young band learning, evolving and moving through the ranks. Along the way, they encounter barriers of privilege and entitlement, racism, jealousy and class issues, deceit and redemption, as well as all of the usual battles that come with creativity and band dynamics.

It’s a great film but more than that it is a great film with a fantastic score. If you have an appreciation for the post-war swing band sound you will love it. If early rock and roll is your thing then this will be almost a pre-history lesson. If you are just a fan of music in all its forms then you will find plenty here to brighten your day…your week…your year.

A great film is one thing. A cool soundtrack is another. Put the two together and you have a fantastic combination. Knights of Swing, watch it now and revel in its story and fall in love with its music.

Out now on Vimeo on Demand