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Pale Blue Moon - The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out (Dark Eye Records)

10 July 2020

On July 27th, Irish rockers Pale Blue Moon complete the first leg of their journey. A journey started some time ago, as the band, along with American producer Brian Sperber (Moby, Feeder, Stain’d), sculpted the twelve-tracks that arrive on The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out. An album of rock music, old-school sounds, fashioned with a tone of gothic and dragged into this 21st century. Indeed, the album is also a symbol of courage. When early on, lead singer Shane Kelly suffered multiple strokes. Completing the album from a hospital bed with the aid of a laptop. That is the hunger, and perseverance that lies behind the album. And it shows. 

The tracks gel together perfectly, covering both ground and styles. Never straying too far from the unique collision of styles the band has managed to forge. The first glimpse, and indeed the first track “Supernatural” came early in 2019. Both the song and the accompanying video projected an atmosphere of emotion wrapped in addictive melodies. A cinematic piece of work but it wet the lips of the general rock audience of what was on the horizon, and here it is.

Recently, the second single “It’s Not Real” dropped, an explosive slick guitar sound and further sublime lyricism. Between heavy riffs the band projects a fuller sound. From the stuttering opening, and the catchy chorus, it is the head shaking addiction that defines enjoyment. Deeper into the album, the weight of the ethereal production stands out. “Defend” is an absolute cracker, with a thread of late eighties metal, heavy on the harmonies against well executed power chords. Though the pace pulls back with “Don’t Wake Me Up”, followed by the anthemic, lighter-in-the-air power of “Grace”. 

At the midpoint, “What Do They Know?” is a banging, dramatic tune, with the voice of Shane Kelly soaring. “All That Matters” has a Californian flavour, a track that is far removed from it’s surroundings but gives a full insight into how the band can adapt and change. In the same breath the follow-up “Sleep” carries a similar vibration. With tumbling melodies, the track becomes an uplifting tour-de-force. The band proves their worth throughout, such as “If You Fall” a pure, unadulterated sing-along goddess of a track. 

The semi-autobiographical nature of a number of songs is noticeable, such as in the beautiful “Rise Up”. But the band also switches into a ‘Britpop’ style with “Say That”. A strolling rhythm, that chugs along with a sweet pace. Leading nicely into the closing heartbreak, and lush tones of “Floating”. Stripped back to an acoustic format, without losing any of the momentum prevalent on the previous eleven  

The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out is a fully formed piece of work, with finely crafted songs that manages to overtake the usual debut. Both the performances and production are explosive, electric with an exuding emotion. This was well worth the wait, and raises hopes high as to the next part of Pale Blue Moon’s journey. 

2.It’s Not Real 
4.Don’t Wake Me 
6.What Do They Know? 
7.All That Matters 
9.If You Fall 
10.Rise Up 
11.Say That 

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