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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Panjoma - Sun and Moon EP (GRID Discs)

14 April 2022

The first half of Sun and Moon feels almost like what we used to call a concept album, taken up as it is by three titular tracks which are variations on a theme. Central to this is the long and luscious main track which has already been released as a single in its own right. For those who missed it the first time around it is odd and edgy, an angular electronic feast of jittery beats and pulsating strobes of music, an avant-pop, experimental dance hybrid like little you have heard before. Either side of this is two satellite tracks, strange intro-outro fragments ranging from fragmented folkiness to distorted spoken word oddness.

From there, the EP gets slightly more conventional, well, as conventional as this self-proclaimed “avant-garde darkwave electro femme-pop DMT-jazz band with a funky edge” chooses to, anyway.“Free” rides along on euphoric yet chilled, after-hours clubland waves, and “Like Thunder” takes some cool jazz grooves in the form of gratuitous sax and weaves it through some funky dance moves.

“Bleeding Sun” rounds things off, hypnotic and beguilingly repetitive sets of beats washed over with ebbs and flows of electronic experimentation and cool creativity, slowly breaking down as if the recording was worn out or jumping erratically before correcting itself and returning to the mathematical precision of the digital world.

Of course, you have heard dance music before. You may have even ventured into the realms of alt-pop. The more adventurous may have some knowledge of modern classical music. Panjoma seems to take all of those and blur the lines between them. The digital becomes analog sounding, nostalgic sounds pave the way to the future, genres become a thing of the past and anything seems possible. Cool eh?

Sun and Moon
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