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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Partition – Prodigal Gun (MPLS Ltd)

Partition-Prodigal Gun
22 June 2020

Like their similarly discordant label and city mates Sass (whose debut LP is reviewed here), Partition is another cogent and youthful Minneapolis band, whose own first album – which adds seven songs to the five numbers that were re-recorded and enhanced from their formative 2018 Prodigal Demo EP – mines a different side of the noisy rock coin. Their pummeling, convulsive queercore shuns Sass’s angular rhythms and occasional softer leanings in favor of an unrelenting, amps-on-11 onslaught that fuses Bikini Kill, Flipper, and the early, pre-Cut era Slits, with the instruments of bassist/singer Taylor Nice, guitarist Seth Jaques, and drummer Evan Thomas Blasing always caked in layers of cruddy, squalid distortion. Like a deranged mad scientist, the pig-tailed and motley mascaraed Nice – two years sober after battling mental health and drug abuse issues following the group’s initial formation in Richmond, VA – sporadically punctuates their uninhibited, sneering vocals and blunt, harrowing lyrics with a piercing, Kim Shattuck-like shriek, turning songs like “Prodigal Gun,” “Get Clean,” and “Why Did He Lie?” into impassioned, liberating anthems. (,