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Rob Alexander - Being Myself (Self-Released)

9 December 2019

Rob Alexander is a singer-songwriter from South Florida, and just last month he released his second album entitled Being Myself. By day, Alexander might be an anesthesiologist, but his songs do anything but put the listener to sleep. A follow up to his successful debut, Long Road Coming Home, in 2018, this album features more of his piano-driven style influenced by the likes of Elton John (his voice in particular) and Billy Joel. The record actually features three of Elton’s band members, but Alexander’s style is still his own and altogether dancier.

The lead single, “Never Gonna Let You Go,” was written after the passing of one of Alexander’s closest friends, and it is indeed a deeply moving and heartfelt tribute. Elsewhere, Alexander chooses a more upbeat, dance rock feel, like the opening song “This Hollywood Road” which could have easily found a home at the top of the charts in the ’80s. With fifteen songs, the album is a long one, and perhaps it could have benefited from a little trimming, but there are plenty of gems like the smoky disco groove of “I-O-U” and the beautiful, touching ballad “Our Love Will Last Forever.” Indebted to his heroes, Rob Alexander nevertheless continues to prove that he has his own distinct voice with Being Myself.