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The Big Takeover Issue #91
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Rob Munk - Youth (Magic Door Label)

25 November 2022

Youth is wasted on the young! So says Rob Munk on this latest single. And he is probably right. From a position of maturity and bill paying, responsibility and insurance payments, savings accounts and heating repairs, can we truly appreciate how good it was, or at least should have been?

So, over a scattering of indie guitars and solid beats, he revisits those nostalgic memories and walks in the sneaker-clad footsteps of his younger self. Booze and video games, graffiti and random acts of stupidity await as he reminds us that Youth is for getting wasted.

In lesser, and indeed younger hands, such a song would end up as a gonzo anthem for the bored and restless. Here, it becomes a brilliant reminder for the more mature listener that this is a chapter of our lives now closed to us. Did you make the most of it? Did you appreciate it? Did you do all the stupid things that youth gives you an excuse for? Can you sit here with friends and swap stories of teenage escapades and exploits? I do hope so. If you didn’t waste time, mess up, get into trouble and generally do what the formative years are stereotypically all about…it was wasted on you too.

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