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The Egg Eaters - Gimme Gimme Gimme Ep (Self-Released) 

15 October 2019

The Asheville underground stalwarts The Egg Eaters have surfaced, and set their sights firmly on carving a name for themselves. A quintet who wears the grime of CBGB’s proudly on their sleeves as they pile together a harmonious blending of genres and eras. This is garage rock, stripped back and injected with a proper nostalgic, eighties feel. Though Gimme Gimme Gimme follows with strength their other Ep release from this year Trash Morning

With a counting of time “Sarabande” fully opens up, with some flash, melodic guitar cranks. A deep dive in Los Angeles and chasing dreams switches into the bass rumbling “Ghosts”, reminiscent of early Blondie with some snappy guitar cranks and the direct vocal of Colleen Rose pushing the punk forward. “Cloak & Dagger” opens with some riotous moments welded with classic synthesizer. The call and response a little B-52’s technique that works creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere, everything rock music should be- the elements which are sadly missing in a lot of today’s contemporaries. 

The only dramatic stirrings come on “Crime of the Century”, minimalistic and threading the post-punk boards with ease. A standout comes at the close and the feedback drenched “Bank Of America”. With an opening switch in vocals to the venomous sneer of JP Kennedy, the juggernaut of guitars trembles out this tongue-in-cheek social commentary with infectious foot tapping. 

This is wholesome and enjoyable music, without trying to be anything other than what it is, a band who love playing music whilst painting soundscapes to their influences. However, there are splices of something original between the comparisons, certainly a band to watch with interest. 

3.Cloak & Dagger    
4.Crime of the Century 
5.Bank of America    

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