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The Big Takeover Issue #89
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The Haunt - Constant (ONErpm)

22 September 2020

The Haunt is nothing less than the sound of rock and roll traditions and pop predictability being dragged kicking and screaming in to bright new futures. That is a clever trick to be able to pull off and “Constant” is a great example of it in action. There are plenty of sonic ghosts of music past drifting about just on the edge of ear-shot; an age-old and unbeatable rock and roll swagger and edgy, almost word weary deliveries but the song also runs on skittering, trap-beat percussion merged with more expected four-four beats, shimmering synth riffs and incendiary pop sensibilities.

What’s going on here is essentially worlds colliding, past traditions and future potential, brooding electronica careering into rock and roll attitude, primal rhythms with digital beats, mature and confident musical arrays dancing with throwaway pop charm, apocalyptic blues embracing soulful resonance. And out of all of these collisions and conflict emerges the sound of music moving forward. And anyone trying to put a generic label on it will find themselves riding a unpredictable bucking bronco as it thwarts and swerves anyone who tries to control it by giving it a name.

Bands such as The Haunt are not only great to have around, they are vitally important. Whilst most bands are copying the latest fashion, trying to surf in the wake of an already passed zeitgeist, The Haunt are actually setting benchmarks. More than that, they are proving that the future is something that you get to write for yourself. Why look back for inspiration when you can look forward into unlimited creative possibilities? Why be a footnote in the annals of music history when you can be a chapter heading?

Why indeed?

The Haunt · Constant