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Twink - Think Pink | 50th Anniversary Edition

25 October 2020

The sound of Think Pink is a musical mood stimulant. An album that hits the half-century mark this year, and still sounds as adventurous as ever, just like it’s creator. Twink is a musician with the midas touch, everything he has turned his hand to has stood out, remaining both influential and indispensable. Examples of these are his contributions to the legendary Pretty Things’ ’68 conceptual masterpiece S.F. Sorrow, and the Pink Fairies’ ’71 debut Never Never Land. In between both of those records stands Think Pink, a stylish execution of ideas that stands shoulder to shoulder with the best albums of the day. 

In many ways, this is the album that would clear the runway for the Pink Fairies. Many of the original band members including the late Steve Peregrin Took (Tyrannosaurus Rex) contributed, Took himself co-writing the final two tracks on Think Pink. Also however, lending further musical muscle is The Deviants Paul Rudolph, and Mick Farren, and the Pretty Things Viv Prince. Although in recent years Twink has spectacularly revisited the album with Think Pink II (2015), and Think Pink III (2018), the original holds the roar of the revolution, capturing a time in music perfectly. 

Starting with spoken word passages, and Indian mysticism the album faithfully begins with “The Coming Of The Other One”. On this remaster everything is prominent, alive with an eerie splendor. The drum crack of “10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box” has never sounded so vibrant, with the distant vocals and warped guitars this is the last breath of the UK’s psychedelic scene. It is deliciously experimental. That experimentation twists and turns unexpectedly, as it falls further into the drones of “Dawn Of Magic”. Moving into the slender space of “Tiptoe On The Highest Hill”, a song which flourishes in a minimalistic, haunting framework. 

The beauty that magnifies Think Pink, and indeed Twink as a musician is his ability to build addictive kaleidoscopes of noise. Collages of sound such as “Fluid”, out-Floyd’s what Waters and co. were attempting at the time. That is the fearlessness here which is obvious and adventurous, such as the proto-punk sound of “Mexican Grass War”. A distorted piece of instrumental art that marches forward through the screams of feedback. Again with the following “Rock An’ Roll The Joint “, after a short nursery rhyme, a wall of guitars lift off within a vortex of wah-wah and distortion. 

Stretching back into acoustics with the playfully inspired acoustics of “Suicide”, and the get-together singalong “Three Little Piggies”. A track that is off-the-wall but holds a unique charm of camaraderie. All this comes to a finale with “The Sparrow Is A Sign”. Again a straight laced acoustic number, but done in that style pronounced by Twink. The crank of the guitars at the chorus give the track a refreshing edge of mischief. In truth it is one hell of an album, and now sounds absolutely sublime, though I do feel this latest vinyl remaster is superior to previous outings. Whether first time out listener, or a veteran to the work of Twink, Think Pink is certainly an album worthy of investigation if not re-evaluation. 

1.The Coming Of The Other One 
2.10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box 
3.Dawn Of Magic 
4.Tiptoe On The Highest Hill 
6.Mexican Grass War 
7.Rock An’ Roll The Joint 
9.Three Little Piggies 
10.The Sparrow Is A Sign 

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