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Alberta & The Dead Eyes - Slow Fool (self-released)

7 February 2024

Obviously, there are times when you like to get to the point as quickly as possible. But, when it comes to music, I personally appreciate songs that take their time. Sucker-punching the audience is fine for some occasions, but I’d rather be sonically seduced by music that gradually takes you with it, which slowly grooves and meanders its way through its allotted time.

Such an ethic is clearly what “Slow Fool,” the new one from Alberta & The Dead Eyes is built on. I love how it kicks off without any fuss or fanfare and then builds slowly, gathering almost imperceptible musical weight as it adds layers of tones and texture around it along its journey. There is a simplicity and spaciousness that is rare in music making circles today.

But, when done correctly, as it is here, that’s all you need. Just enough to keep the momentum moving forward, the required amount of dynamic change and sonic heft to keep things interesting, exciting, engaging and heading towards the final destination. These small but additional sonic steps are what makes the song so great. They allow it to naturally grow as it moves forward, but never drastically and unnecessarily so. Evolution not revolution!

And so we are given a neat slice of slightly brooding, constant and consistent Americana that seems to coil and curve snake-like throughout its three-and-a-half-minute journey. It is not only a great song but proof that sometimes understatement, subtlety, suppleness and minimalism, ironically, speak volumes.


Fanatic Promotion · Alberta & The Dead Eyes – Slow Fool