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Attik Door - Never In Agreement (Self-Released)

10 February 2015

Originating from the former USSR, Attik Door are a hard rock quintet now residing in San Francisco. The band has just released their new full-length, Never In Agreement. The album finds the band backed with a fuller and thicker sound than their previous recordings, but it also shows the group caught at something of a crossroads, transitioning somewhat into a new phase for the band. Their hard rock signature remains, but interestingly enough they have started to sound like a tougher, meaner version of No Doubt. Just a few years ago, such a reference would appear terrifically out of date, but 2015 seems to finally be the year when trends from the 90s have fully become both acceptable and once again relevant.

Their tough-as-nails approach is retained on multiple songs like “Bleed” for original fans, but the band expands and unfolds on slower numbers like the beautiful “California.” Occasionally, the two are even combined as on “Kosmos,” lead by singer Liana Tovmasyan’s captivating vocals. There are times the album leans towards facelessness, but it seems as if the band is aware off this common pitfall in hard rock and is quick to remedy the situation with enough interesting melodies and hooks provided by lead guitarist *Alex Shrayber. Never In Agreement is a fantastic album from a group who has made a gigantic leap.