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Bad Mary - Forget About It (Dead Pill)

7 March 2024

There is a whiff of the glam stomp to go with the usual low-down, low-slung, low-end, garage rock ‘n’ roll sound on the latest one from Bad Mary, the groovily titled “Forget About It.” And it is exactly everything that seems to be missing for the modern rock scene.

But then they have always done this type of street-infused, wise-assed, belligerent music so much better than most of the competition, and this latest single perfectly harnesses their big, brash, bold, and bombastic sound, neatly blending a sense of sucker-punch theatrics with snotty gutter rock into a glam-trash tune without equal.

And if it seems familiar, it may be because this first appeared on their debut EP, Better Days, which is now celebrating its tenth anniversary. And what better way to mark its passing into double figures than a bit of tender loving care in the form of a re-visited, re-recorded and re-mixed take on this live favorite.

In fact, the entire EP, now retitled Better(er) Days (naturally), has had such love lavished upon it. But for now, the focus is on this first release, which the band self-deprecatingly, but perhaps also purposefully describes as capturing “the live energy and the chaos of a song with less than two chords, one line of lyrics, and a one-note guitar solo.”

The again, rock ‘n’ roll was always about such simple pleasures.

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