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Black Crystal Fuck Wolf - My Little Droney EP (MechaBenzaiten)

27 September 2012

A crawl through the crunch of synthetic insects underfoot and tomblike echoes of the claustrophobic deep, My Little Droney is an uneasy portrait of subtle horror. Cited as the music of an anonymous Brooklyn musician born in 1987, Black Crystal Fuck Wolf creeps painlessly into your ear with an uncomfortably eerie fusion of drone and noise built through the digital manipulation of raw analog material.

“There are references to Black Crystal Fuck Wolf throughout history,” the project’s bio states facetiously, “almost every culture has a myth or legend about a troubadour or court minstrel whose insistence on incorporating repetitive patterns or ear-damaging noise (or both) in his music led to him being sentenced to death by unsympathetic bureaucracies or torn apart (and not in an admiring way) by masses of peasantry.” Regardless of origin, the seething sonic black holes on this five-song EP are no joke.

Each track slips seamlessly into the next, invoking a lost X-Files episode or Alien sequel with unidentifiable scratching sounds of technological malfunction, echoes of endless space, and crepuscular interjections of the extra terrestrial. The song titles are both straightforward (“Impermanance,” “Netherlands,” “Slow Moon Sink”) and cryptic (“Demurmurer,” “Rerummed”), but, like everything else about My Little Droney, leave the listener a vast, barren landscape to explore and interpret at will. Whether by daylight or candlelight, an undeniable fear and trembling builds with every listen that is near impossible to shake.