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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Boulder Fields - Measures (Let There Be Numbers)

30 April 2024

And Lo, did the Lord say, “Let there be Celticana,” and it was so. The people saw that it was good and named this holy sound after the fields and the boulders too. Probably. Although some would have you believe that this is actually the work of Cam Fraser who made his name with the likes of The Cateran and Borrowed Books and who has shared stages with everyone from Nirvana to The Proclaimers and from Tad to Grant Hart. Who really knows? Whichever your chosen creation myth, the one thing that you can’t argue over is that “Measures” is a fantastic slice of Celtic roots music. (Country & Northern? Okay, perhaps not.)

“Measure” runs along on a jaunty, folky, upbeat acoustic guitar that wanders between chunky chords and deft finger-picked spirals. Throw in unfussy and functional beats and spacious bass to drive things along and some brief but perfectly placed harmony vocals, and you have a song that is sassy, simple and seductive, effervescent, energetic and effortlessly engaging.

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