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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Bromsen - Someone (self-released)

5 February 2024

“Someone” echoes with the sound of my youth. I’m not saying that Bromsen is in any way plundering or plagiarising past glories, but their music does echo with the more discerning end of 80’s synth pop and the early, pre-charting era of New Romanticism, when the Blitz Kids were still ruling the roost. Which is fine; it was a time of creativity, new technologies and new sounds.

Bromsen takes that same creative spirit, that same sense of sonic adventure, and a pinch of that secret sonic seasoning and assembles the modern equivalent. Music that builds bridges with the past, which is perfect for the here and now and sets excellent precedents as it beats a path into a glorious new future.

The result is a song that bristles with dancefloor energy, pop infectiousness, and a slight echo of nostalgia yet embraces cutting-edge, contemporary creativity too. It also allows itself to blur the lines between one genre and the next and even between the digital and analogue worlds. Its heart might be that of the digitally driven dance floor sound, but that first guitar bridge is straight out of the realms of progressive rock. The guitar line that joins it to further drive the point home is the stuff of alt-rock – raw, grinding and gritty.

It’s a song that reveals more and more with each spin. The first time you notice the synth-pop hooks. The next time, you revel in the quality of the writing (something that perhaps a-ha would have loved to have in their back catalogue.) The next play reveals its many sonic layers and changeable nature. And after that, all manner of details, motifs, finer points and musical smarts are laid out before you. there are many hidden sonic depths to be explored.

You sure get a lot for your money!



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