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Cosmic Ninja - Filth (self-released)

5 March 2024

If there is a creative collision point between pop and rock, it is to be found at the heart of Comic Ninja’s new EP, Filth. The band occupies a very specific place on a highly complex Venn Diagram. If you find the point where joyous rock overlaps with pop’s more infectious Day-Glo sound and where that point crosses over into the realms of punk and then the whole thing edges across the line into rave, you will see that it is a very sparsely populated zone. But look closer; you will see Cosmic Ninja strutting their stuff in that sacred sonic space.

The one thing immediately apparent when listening to this six-song salvo is that Cosmic Ninja is not a band easily contained on the record. I’m not saying anything is wrong with the recording, but they feel like a band whose sound defies such a studio medium. And even without the experience of having personally seen them, I suspect the live show is where it’s at.

“Manic Insanity” is the sound of a rock band running a rave, an onslaught of sing-along sounds, fist-in-the-air euphoria and rock power, and that is an excellent point of departure for Filth. “Stone Cold” is a collision of indie and disco, and the title track is an EDM-rap-metal-pop-punk party…if that is even a thing. I guess that it is now.

The great thing about Cosmic Ninja, just one of the many, is that they can force and forge all manner of genres together into the ultimate celebratory sound. One that takes no prisoners whilst the band, not to mention the audience, have the time of its life.