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Courtney Farren - Nothing Like It (Self-Released)

Courtney Farren - Nothing Like It
3 October 2017

If you’re sitting in a bar and the memories of a past love fill your head, Courtney Farren’s debut album Nothing Like It is a quiet voice that lets you know that you’re not alone. With straightforward lyrics, subtle arrangements, and gorgeous vocals she is the saint of the broken-hearted.

“Nothing Like It”, the title track is a confession in third person and a sympathetic ode to loss, which sets a lush yet stark tone for the entire album. Later in the album, her effortless vocals and chord changes in “Someone”, reminds one of the work of Aimee Mann in her album, Lost In Space. With the last song, “Change Your Mind”, Courtney brings the whole album full circle. Reminiscent of the song, “Taxi Ride” from the album, “The Speckless Sky” by Jane Siberry, it is a breathy and fitting end, full of longing and regret.

As much as all these songs stand on their own, Nothing Like It needs to be heard in one sitting. It’s not a stereotypical concept album. It is a snapshot of emotions that float through a broken heart. Vulnerable and honest, Courtney Farren never succumbs to the overplayed nostalgia for self pity.

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