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The Big Takeover Issue #94

David Camp

In 1975, a young lad of 10 years of age, bought his first album, which was the Hawaii Five-O soundtrack by Lalo Schifrin. Filled with a lust for music, David went to work at his first radio gig at his own created station, KRUD. Many, many years later, David found himself in Portland, OR, where he worked at KPSU as an indie genre director. Now in a basement in Spokane, he’s hosting two shows for Radio Nope, “The TopDollar Hour w/ Tunacan Jones” and “Welcome to Napville!” He, also, has the power and glory that comes with being the music director at Radio Nope as well.

Courtney Farren - Nothing Like It

Courtney Farren - Nothing Like It (Self-Released)

3 October 2017

If you’re sitting in a bar and the memories of a past love fill your head, Courtney Farren’s debut album Nothing Like It is a quiet voice that lets you know that you’re not alone. With straightforward lyrics, subtle arrangements, and gorgeous vocals she is the saint of the broken-hearted.

Lusterlit - List of Equipment EP

Lusterlit - List of Equipment EP (Self-Released)

8 September 2017

Literature has been an inspiration for many musicians and bands. Susan Hwang and Charlie Nieland of Lusterlit have taken that to a honest and dreamlike place, on their new e.p., List of Equipment.