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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Deep Dive Species - Unconditional (OMNINORM)

23 April 2024

Although I have not been sonically acquainted with Deep Dive Species for long, only a couple of singles, I have concluded that they are less music makers in the conventional sense and more sonic soundscapers. Pieces such as “Unconditional” are not so much songs and more sonic statements, devoid of lyrics as they are, they convey their meaning through subtler and more covert musicality.

This is why tracks such as this seem built more on fluid and changeable structures than the repeat patterns of popular songs. Here, the music seems to edge its way up a musical gradient, but only slightly, rising from shimmering spirals of acoustic guitar through additional beats and chiming riffs to finally cloak itself in more hazy electro-washes. It is a series of subtle, and indeed supple steps that the track undertakes on its short journey, but it tells you so much about Deep Dive Species approach to music making.

It tells you that they are not like everyone else. It tells you that they will never write that mythical perfect, three-minute pop song. It tells you that their tracks take whatever form needed and explore whatever genre, style or sound they deem appropriate to say what they need to. And it tells you that the reward on the part of the listener comes from meeting the music halfway. It is music that you need to think about, explore, consider, and slowly ease into.

The rewards of such an approach to music are not obvious, and they require work on the listener’s part, but they are worth spending your time finding. As a famous man once said,“it is better to travel well than to arrive. Deep Dive Species has perfected the art of music that is all about the journey.