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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Die Kammer - Ignoring My Safeword (Delicious Releases)

24 March 2024

Music that is obvious and easy to understand, quick sonic hits and simple musical lines, are all very well and good. After all, the whole pop industry is based on such easily accessible music, but I prefer something with a bit more depth and a bit more purpose. It’s why I always appreciate bands like Die Kammer arriving under my pen. Not only is it music that I can, as they say, sink my teeth into, but it is music that seems to bite back, too.

“Ignoring My Safeword” has a lot to consider. Musically, it straddles worlds. Worlds where acoustic guitars are wielded like rock implements. Where rock music edges into classical realms.Worlds that allow music to build as much through beguiling understatement as the prominent edge is fashioned from equal parts melody and muscle. A dark design woven from anticipation and atmosphere rather than volume or velocity. This is the sound of a band that knows how to arrange their various sonic components to the best effect, so the song becomes more than the sum of its parts—much more.

Lyrically, it is also an exciting concept. It is a deep dive into the complexities and inconsistencies of the human psyche, exploring its desires and repulsions, its wilfully self-destructive drives, and how it knowingly draws us across the red lines that mark points of no return.

As I said, there is something much more appealing about music that reveals something new, something deeper, and continues to reward the listener with new aspects, lyrically and musically with each spin. Die Kammer’s music brilliantly does exactly that.