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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Down In Motion - Into The River (self-released)

22 January 2024

Although only formed last year, Down In Motion is already making a name for itself via a signature sound that deftly blends all manner of heavier, contemporary sounds and styles. With everything from pop-punk to alternative rock, emo to post-hardcore, elements of indie rock, and even a slight pop-aware sonic infusion, theirs is a sound that ebbs and flows between many associated genres and styles, never entirely conforming to anyone in particular but ticking a lot of boxes along the way.

Boxes such as musical muscle, but also melody. Grit and grind as well as groove. Power but so too musical poise and poignancy. This isn’t just heavy music for the sake of it; this is heavy music tempered by more mature and even more mainstream elements to produce something that satisfies the needs of the more underground rock scene but also appeals to more mainstream, even chart-minded tastes. Music which is both cultish and yet commercial. That is a good crossroads to be stood at.

“Into the River” has an anthemic quality about it; yes, it is musically writ large, a great combination of driving, powerhouse drums, pulsing and propulsive bass lines, and raw, incendiary guitar lines, but Down in Motion knows that building such sound is about more than mere velocity and volume—much more.

The same feeling is found in this song, the same sense of the epic, that propelled bands like The Gaslight Anthem to superstardom. Perhaps lightning can strike twice in the same sonic place. I wouldn’t be surprised.