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Eddie Cohn - Wave Goodbye (self-released)

16 June 2024

It is already on the record that Eddie Cohn can rock with the best of them and pop to perfection via songs that take the best elements of those two genres and create his own style of music, songs which sit perfectly between pop and a hard place – if you get my drift.

But here, with his latest single,“Wave Goodbye”, he embraces another classic sonic move, that of the stripped-back, acoustic-driven, singer-songwriter. There is something of the MTV Unplugged session about how he delivers the song, a nostalgic reminder of those times when even the hardest and most rock-orientated bands would strip songs back to their bare essence and create something new and fresh out of something familiar.

With “Wave Goodbye,” Eddie reminds us that you can still create a big sound even with a voice, two guitars, and just the occasional shimmer of percussion. This is a big sound indeed. It doesn’t hurt that Eddie has one helluva voice anyway. Still, more than that, with one guitar playing big, dynamic rhythmic chords and the other coiling and spiralling all manner of sonic motifs through that six-string core, sometimes contrasting, always complimenting, adding to the grandeur of the sound, or merely highlighting fine sonic details, the result is as impactful as you could ask for and probably much more than you might have expected.

Eddie Cohn understands that a song’s power and dynamics don’t come from volume and velocity, bombast, and relentless playing; they come from musicians who know how to combine what they do into something more than the sum of its individual parts. And you will be hard pushed to find a better example of that at work.