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Electric Hoarse - Endless Summer (Saints Recording)

2 February 2024

As I sit here at my desk, looking out at the sun trying, and failing, to push through the dreary clouds of a grey cityscape, watching the nine-to-fives start their day, “Endless Summer,” the new one from Electric Hoarse (I see what you did there with your subversive spelling) is the perfect antidote to such a scene.

Both in terms of the lyrics spun and the music they make, they speak of that titular feeling of long, hot days, carefree times, and bonds of friendship. Musically, they combine the jaunt and joyous nature of upbeat British indie music with a more hazy, windswept vibe that has drifted in from some far-flung, US desert rock sound. This deft and delicate combination makes for a mercurial blend of groove and pathos, upbeat energy, and drifting nostalgia.

It is hard not to regard this track as a modern-day response to Don Henley’s 80’s icon, “Boys of Summer,” not so much in how it sounds, okay a bit in how it sounds, but more in how it sits in the musical landscape. The same accessibility and infectiousness, the same sense of loss and longing, the same haunted memories, and the same reminder that those times are not only behind us but ahead of us, too. It’s an ongoing cycle.

It’s a great song. It’s simple and simply addictive, but the feelings and memories that pool and percolate between the words and notes mean that, like the aforementioned tune, “Endless Summer” is going to be one of those songs that stick around for a long time. Classic in the making? You never know.