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Eureka California - Big Cats Can Swim 12"LP (HHBTM)

Eureka California Big Cats Can Swim HHBTM
23 May 2013

Not from the Golden State, Eureka California hail from Athens, GA, where a flourishing music scene still produces some fine music. With their debut LP, the trio delivers a definitive statement of disenchantment that adds to the annals of great bands from that Southern college town.

The songs on Big Cats Can Swim are short and to the point with no need for grandiose filler, much like The Ramones. There’s a lot of fuzz, a la early Jesus and Mary Chain, though the tracks more rooted in Nuggets garage rock without sounding derivative. Actually, it’s an updated garage for modern frustrations, with a hint of Wipers-like doom sneaking through the tunes.

As an impressive beginning, Big Cats Can Swim tells of some greater music to come. I’ll be waiting.