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Fake Plastic - Fake Plastic (self-released)

23 October 2023

Fake Plastic’s eponymous, debut album commences with the raw hunger of “Stop Drinking”, resonating with the unyielding spirit of a punk-infused indie ensemble. However, as the track unfurls, weaving through lofty acoustic peaks and navigating nuanced sonic valleys, it becomes evident that there’s more beneath the surface than what initially meets the eye. Or should that be ear?

Throughout the album, Fake Plastic deftly moves and maneuvers, redefining their identity with each successive melody, unlocking a different aspect of their musical personality and sonic vision. “How I Learned To Let Go”, for example, though seemingly a straightforward indie anthem, exudes an unexpected twinge of jangling sixties nostalgia upon closer examination. A delightful surprise, indeed.

The pulsating rhythms of “I Shot The Living Zombie” transport us into the realm of apocalyptic Tex-Mex blues; its sound both expansive and exotic, the music adorned with resonant twangs evoking the spirit of the ’60s, while the enthralling vocals channel the fervor of garage rock. “Coloured Boats” ventures into the realm of alt-folk, a genre the band seamlessly assimilates into their sonic arsenal. Yet, it’s the final two tracks that serve as a testament to the breadth of their musical repertoire.

In the melancholic echoes of “Black Eyed Girl”, particularly in its initial half, shades of Johnny Thunders’ later solo endeavors resonate, a subdued yet powerful resonance that lingers long after the notes fade, before the song high tails it into more punk territory. On the other hand, “Lover You Are Down” conjures the electrifying essence of the guitar legend during his commanding days at the forefront of the New York Dolls’ sonic assault. Both of which are very good company to find yourself in, I’d say.

Certainly, one might argue for a tighter production, but for me, it’s precisely that element of unbridled looseness and slightly weathered charm that serves as their selling point. Who craves perfection when authenticity reigns supreme? Who yearns for conformity when creativity ignites the soul?

Fake Plastic, they are the real deal and no mistake.