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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Former Lives - Some Things Never Change is Inevitable (FLR)

14 June 2024

There is a difference between someone merely trying to sound like an earlier musical scene and someone writing an unashamed, sonic love letter. In the case of the former, it is done for all the wrong reasons and, in so doing, is approached with the wrong attitude, often becoming soulless and cliched, maybe even cynical as a result. Approach such a task as Former Lives does, as a celebration, a…for want of repeating myself… love letter, and the results are so much more authentic, honest and genuine.

“Some Things Never Change is Inevitable,” the song in question, sounds like a long-lost slice of 80’s dream-pop because it fully understands precisely what dream-pop was, and indeed is, all about. But to call this even dream-pop is in itself a bit limiting, as here you can hear the distant echoes of everything from the Cocteau Twins hazy harmonies, the complex and squalling walls of sound that My Bloody Valentine traded in so effectively, early synth pioneers, such as Gary Numan but also plenty of classic indie references too, such as The Bunnymen’s nostalgic vibe and even The Stone Roses deft blend of groove and bliss.

There is a lot of truth in the title. Some things never change, not fully, but even they can evolve within themselves, and there is a fine evolutionary line being walked here between nostalgia and celebration, between the sound of what was and what might have been, between sonic tribute and a true love of a particular sound, a scene, a style, and a time.

Former Lives