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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Ginny Luke - Devil at My Heels feat. Orianth (KZZ Music)

4 June 2024

There are a lot of artists who pass under my reviewer’s pen who seem unhappy with the state of rock music. Either they are trying to reinvent it via a million different sub-genres, everything is post-this, that-core, grunk, conk, plink or some other silly-named, pointless derivation, or they claim that the genre is dead and encourage us to head towards a more digitally-driven, pop pap destination. No thanks. All I want to know is this: why the heck do people have a problem with old-school, foot-on-the-monitor, fist-in-the-air, heads down, no-nonsense, kick-arse classic rock? It is more than fit for purpose in the right pair of hands. Ginny Luke is the right pair of hands.

Mind you, it probably helps that she has a secret weapon in the sonic arsenal. In addition to the more expected bass, drums, and guitar, Ginny Luke brings a taste of the classical world to this already fairly symphonic-sounding rock music. If you thought that the violin was the bastion of the folk set, although they would, of course, call it a fiddle, then think again.

And so, amongst the drive of the drums, the propulsion of the bass, and the incendiary force of the guitar, not to mention her powerhouse vocals, she wields her four-string, adding another layer of sheen and sophistication to the already silky sonics at work.

A tale of seduction and betrayal, redemption and, ultimately, freedom, “Devil at My Heels” reminds us that classic rock isn’t broken, and it certainly doesn’t need fixing. You could argue that it needs a good polish now and then, it needs to be brought up to speed, as it were, move with the times and remain relevant for the contemporary rock fan, and that is exactly what Ginny and the posse have done here.



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