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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Globus - Cinematica (Imperativa Records)

22 January 2023

Cinematica is the new album by self-proclaimed Cinematic Rock band Globus. With a larger than life production that calls to mind the epic scale works of artists ranging from Pink Floyd, ELO, and even Muse, the record is equally inspired by film composers like Hans Zimmer and Ennio Morricone. The band was founded by Yoav Goren who worked scoring Hollywood film trailers, and therefore the title is a fitting one, as the album plays like part traditional rock opera and part soundtrack for a lost action blockbuster. Yet there is real depth here as the group explores themes relating to the human condition, examining everything from mental health to war and peace.

Songs like “Mighty Ships” are ready-made for victorious battle scenes, whereas the operatic and bombastic “False Redeemers” is perfect for any apocalyptic climax. Yet despite all of this, there was clearly a lot of attention and care devoted to the lyrics and vocal delivery when they would have been an afterthought in other hands. Also included are two fantastic and original covers. First is David Bowie’s 90s classic “I’m Afraid of Americans” which here is performed with high octane intensity. The second, “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” transforms the traditional show tune into something more ambient and moody, as if it were a forgotten cover by This Mortal Coil.

Globus have really delivered a rollercoaster ride of an album that surpasses the already high bar set by the band. Cinematica is as thrilling and adventurous as it is thoughtful and pensive, thereby joining two separate hemispheres of film history into one cohesive artistic statement.