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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Goddamn Wolves - Seven Days a Week (self-released)

7 June 2024

I’ve said it many times before rock and roll ain’t broken; it doesn’t need fixing. Despite what the self appointed movers & shakers, the influencers and journos would have you believe. What it does need to do, however, is move with the times. Classic rock is fine if you want music that sounds like your old record collection. Alternative rock is okay but has been around for so long that it no longer seems like an alternative. So why don’t we dispense with labels and boundaries, genres and demarcations, and just let bands be influenced by who they like, infuse whatever sounds through their music they see fit and see what happens?
Well, what happens is you end up with bands like Goddamn Wolves and songs like “Seven Days a Week.” It’s the sound of the rock genre being polished, tweaked and brought up to sonic speed. It’s the sound of past genres, in this case, college rock and a faint hint of grunge, pooling and percolating within contemporary music. It’s the sound of the yesterday guiding the hand of present music makers and thereby defining what the future might sound like.

“Seven Days a Week” is that perfect blend of an almost pop infectiousness and an underground rock sound, it grinds and grooves in style, and manages to offer a cocktail of muscle and melody, grace and grit, power and poignancy. And this is a band that certainly knows where it comes from musically but is more focused on where it, and rock music in general, is going.

But the most surprising thing is that I managed to get all the way through a review of a band from Raleigh, NC without mentioning The Veldt once. Damn! So close.