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Golem Dance Cult - Feels Like Tuesday (Deja Vu)

7 June 2024

Imagine if Groundhog Day was officially sponsored by Hammer House of Horror Films, and they, in turn, got a band that sounded like the natural successors to Bauhaus to write a song about it. Well, such a scenario is not too far off what is going on here.

I know I referenced that same band last time I wrote about the exquisitely named Golem Dance Cult, and that is a bit unfair, but it does act as a neat piece of sonic shorthand to at least get the listener in the sonic ballpark. But of course, GDC are their people, and “Feels Like Tuesday (Deja Vu)” is a unique song, so things are not as simple as that.

It is fair to say that we are in the gothic realms here, but it is one where the sharp and abrasive edges that are often found in the music of such sonic climes are smoothed over with hazy vocals, sumptuous and brooding bass lines, coils of guitar and some lovely cello which is found washing majestically through the bottom end of the song.

Yes, it is the modern sound of goth, and it is goth that stayed true to the sonic traditions of the genre rather than being subdued by pop, folk, or metal, like many were. But it is more than that, too, with the occasional post-punk move and hard-rock groove making its presence felt. Moody and mellifluous, and melodic but also muscular.

It’s the sound of goth in the modern, post-genre age, the sound of what goth did next, a dark path to a bright new future. Well, not bright, but you know what I mean.