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Gramercy Arms - After the After Party (Magic Door Record Label)

28 March 2024

I’m not sure how they do it, but Gramercy Arms has a knack for writing the sort of pop song that feels like you have been listening to it all your life. Following on from such slices of pop poignancy as “Yesterday’s Girl” and “Tricky Love Stuff,” “After the After Party” is another song that slips easily off the virtual turntable and into the realms of actual classic cuts.

It is a reflective piece, a musing on what might have happened if stars had aligned differently, if you had turned left instead of right, of opportunities grabbed and those that slipped through your fingers.

Again, “After the After Party” falls into their signature power-pop sound, a combination of rock grit and pop groove, which ticks boxes for music which is lush and textured and deftly done but also for immediacy and infectiousness.

As I said, it is a mystery how they manage to keep kicking out such great songs, but I’m glad they haven’t lost their touch and “After the After Party” shows that they are about as far away from doing so as is feasibly possible.

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