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Head Sound - Like A Painting (self-released)

9 February 2024

Some music is built out of clean lines and well-defined demarcations. Music where one lead guitar line stands out from its surroundings, where vocals dance freely above the music, where beats and bass follow their own distinct channels, a layering of elements resulting from counterpoint and separation. In fact, most music follows those rules. But this is not one of those times.

Genres such as shoegaze and dream-pop have always been great at blurring those lines, and “Like A Painting,” the new one from Head Sound, does exactly that. Erring towards the latter of the two aforementioned genres, this is music conjured out of an Euterpean haze, seeming less like sonic elements being fused to create a recognisable whole and more like musical clay being roughly moulded out of one primal sound, where it is often difficult to tell where one sonic cloud ends and another begins.

And that is the beauty of “Like A Painting.” It is truly a unique and unified piece of music, each instrument umbilically connected to the next. Drums build the only real solid structure, and on this Head Sound hangs coiled guitars and pulsing bass lines, half-heard, heavenly vocals, and all manner of obfuscated additional sound washes that appear conjured, consciously or otherwise, out of the ether.

It’s a brilliant song, indeed. But the best thing, from the point of view of I, the writer, is the words that make me call on to try to describe their music, if it can even be adequately put into mere words. I don’t even know what some of them mean. But, like the music found here, they may not all be easily understood; they just sound exactly right for the moment. What’s life with out a little mystery?