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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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History of Guns - No Longer Earthbound (Liquid Len Recording Company)

1 May 2024

There is a fundamental question at the heart of “No Longer Earthbound,” the new one from History of Guns, and it is this. If the earth is on a course where it will, sooner or later, no longer be habitable, perhaps through our actions or those forces far greater than ourselves, then why should we worry about trying to save the planet? If there is a natural conclusion to this chapter of life on earth, the one titled “The Rise and Dramatic Demise of Mankind,” then doesn’t it follow that we should already be looking elsewhere to start writing the next one? That said, I must stress that I’m not saying that the band don’t care about the planet, they do, they recycle and everything. No, this is just metaphysical questions being mulled over.

The answer to just where that elsewhere might be might come in the form of a new planet to call home or perhaps even from more existential and, currently theoretical ideas, which will come through a greater understanding of disciplines such as Quantum Physics, virtual reality, the nature of death, and perhaps from the knowledge of the nature and manipulations of dimensions.

Heavy stuff, indeed. Thankfully, the music which drives these ideas forward is more accessible and melodic. Lyrically, they are boiled down to something more palatable – delightful digital dexterity and energetic electro-grooves, post-punk poise and gothic vocal dictates, all elements that go together to make what they call their meta-modernist, industrial sound.

Goth always had something to say, though usually, it was more about the stuff of Regency literature or fantastic worlds, horror stories or cyberpunkish vibes, so it is nice to see it turn its hand to the most controversial and cutting-edge conversation in modern science.

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