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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Indolore - Paris (self-released)

15 December 2023

Indolore is a man in love with love. Or at least someone who believes in love, its immersive nature, the joy and vulnerability, its promise and its pitfalls, and everything else that goes with it. So much so that he commits such thoughts and beliefs, feelings and hopes to music, writing songs that are, at turns, deft and delicate, ambient and addictive, pouring his heart into each note and every word. Paris is his latest collection of songs, and it is fantastic.

“Now Is The Time” opens up with a gentle and graceful finger-picked cascade, a beautiful dedication to a loved one, a reminder to embrace the moment and live in the now. And although this is a largely charmingly understated set of songs, “How Much Longer” is a sprightly slice of pop but one still coloured by Indolore’s warm vocal embrace and spacious penmanship.

“If You Don’t Mind” returns us to the heart of his hushed and hazy sonic world, a realm of soft sentiment, soulful connections, and sensual intimacy, and things round off with the crystalline sonics of “Non Belles Annees”, a song rendered even more alluring by the choice to sing in the language of his titular, adopted city.

Indolore’s music is, to use his own words, one of modern romanticism, an erotic folk music that sits somewhere between the dopamine rush and a slap in the face. When it comes to love and relationships, longing and, dare I say, lust, to use my words now, Paris is about the most enjoyment and satisfaction you can find with your clothes still on.