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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Jason Lyles - The Light (self-released)

17 February 2024

Jason Lyles has, he says, always been interested in what lies between genres. And why not, it is the most interesting place to mine for musical gold. and his latest single, “The Light,” is an excellent example of him exploring such sonic borders. Too many artists get stuck in a corridor of their own making, identifying or labelling themselves as just one thing or another or at least allowing others to do so. Do that, and you are liable to paint yourself into a corner, your space to work in ever-shrinking, and the result being that you are never able to access the door that would let you move into new pastures.

“The Light” is a song that exists in these liminal sonic realms. It draws energy and inspiration from places where rock urgency washes against pop accessibility, where country infusions swirl around indie sensibilities. And where the familiarity of what has gone before strikes out to explore new sonic futures. Not only does such an approach pay dividends for Jason, but such is the ebb and flow of hs music that it is impossible to stick a label on him, pigeon-hole him or even second guess what his next move might be.

And it is this ability to be familiar and still totally fresh, to be built of recognisable building blocks but arranged in ways that create something new, to readily tip its hat to past icons such as Tom Petty as well as present concerns such as Jason Isbell that makes “The Light,” and indeed the man behind it, such an exciting prospect.