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John Guidroz - Another Shot (self-released)

1 July 2024

If Americana is a generic term used for music of, by and about the USA, then Another Shot is certainly an album that falls into such a category. Americana is a word that also suggests storytelling, and these seven songs from John Guidoz are certainly that, too, tales of the lives and loves, events and experiences of the everyday people of that great nation. Small stories from a big country.

And if Americana, being such a broad term, perhaps doesn’t suggest any one style or sound, John’s music seems to be woven from equal amounts of country cool and folk finesse, rock energy, and pop accessibility. Within this blend, he leans perhaps more towards one or another genre to create exemplary sonics for each song. The result is a creative and exploratory style yet recognisably his own.

On the one hand, you find songs that head into the heart of old-time country, such as the pedal steel, two-step sound of “Jukebox,” and gentle pop-rockers such as “Running,” a song that wouldn’t have sounded out of place being delivered by The Eagles or Bruce Hornsby and the Range. And then there is the gentle yet emploring balladry of “Laura”, and the sweet, upbeat and energetic rock and soul sounds of “Sing With Me.”

What a great set of songs! Although three out of the seven have already had their day in the sun as singles in their own right, there is no reason why the remaining tracks couldn’t follow suit, such is the quality of the songwriting here.