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Julia Krueger - for(e)go EP (Self-Released)

30 December 2017

Julia Krueger, a singer/songwriter from California, has recently released her debut EP, for(e)go, a wistful collection of melancholy indie pop. At 15, it is undoubted that much will be made of Krueger’s age in relation to her music career, but the fact remains that there’s a craft and an intensity to these songs that would be impressive coming from any artist, regardless of age. Nevertheless, she proves adept at singing about issues central to the experiences of being a teenager without ever sounding once maudlin or trite, and provides perspicacious insight into themes of self-doubt and self-discovery to which everyone can relate.

More surprisingly, this EP represents the first five songs Krueger has ever written. From the artful and jazzy pop of “Flamethrower” to the gloomy theatrics of “Quarter Year Conflict,” the songs all sound remarkably mature and the work of someone who has been writing for decades, not a couple of years at most. It will be interesting to follow her career, especially to see if she chooses to distance herself from her earlier work or continue to find more untraveled paths within her current style. for(e)go is an important first introduction from a musician with an original and compellingly fresh perspective.